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One Of The Most Beautiful Times In Your Life

Layover Countries

The Final Stretch Home

The Immigration Process

One Of The Most Beautiful Times In Your Life

You have been seeing and watching lately on social media and television about the Israelites, maybe even went to a camp or school. One day that curiosity lead you to go to a Yahsharala Seed and your life was never the same afterwards.

What is the general Process for me and my family to escape captivity?

How are we getting to our new home? As the Diaspora we understand that you have gone through captivity and resources might not be there for you and your family to escape.

With the rebirth of the Black Star Line, (The first flagship slated to be named, "Yeshua Ha Mashiach" Yahsharala will provide a free voyage to all qualified Israelites who have gone through the immigration process at a local seed.

Cross the world's great oceans

You will glimpse incredible wildlife and more with Israelite award-winning ships. We work with locals in each destination to bring you experiences that are authentic, exciting and enriching. Learn more about where we sail below, allow yourself to be transformed as you travel return home.

Layover Countries

The Final Stretch Home

The Immigration Process

You are finally at the border of Yahsharala and can see the Walls and Gates, now what?

The wait

Just outside the Walls are the designated alien areas and immigration intake spaces

You will stay at a 5 star accommodation where your compliance to Laws, Statutes, and Commandments will be monitored. Guidance and coaching will be giving to areas you need work in.

While some will be turned away, or forced to wait until they can fully control their base instincts. Many will be able to progress on to the final stage of becoming a Citizen of Yahsharala.

The hallway of our Ancestors

Before you walk through the Hallway of Ancestors, you will be ushered to where men and women will be separated so that you may clean yourselves, once done you will be given pristine white garments to wear

This is a symbolic baptism and is a representation of the transformation you are about to complete on your way to a better life.

As you pass through the hallway of our ancestors you will watch on the walls as history goes in reverse, the fall of our people and what caused it, gradually the tears and pain turn into us when we were Kings, Priest

A magnificently adorned door stands before you, the anticipation builds up as others slowly join you. When all of your immigration class is standing and waiting at the door, time seems to pass even more slowly

A beautiful light begins to stream in as the door open...

The celebration for the return of another Israelite

As the door opens you are greeted by hundreds, thousands, of your Ahch and Achoti celebrating your return.

In order to avoid governments filing false charges against ROYNN and its affiliates:

Note that these are future plans and goals of ROYNN and by no means does a membership (Citizen) of ROYNN constitute as legal agreement and accurate statement of how events/services will transpire in the future. These are meant as a guidelines and blueprints to inform Israelites on the aspirations of their Ahch and Achoti.


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