An Israelite children's show, full of laughter, imagination, and Biblical exploration. This show is about a young Israelite girl in kindergarten who wants to share the Israelite part of her life with her class and friends

About the Project


ROYNN KIDS is an Early Israelite Childhood Educator Platform. We have a passion for working with children of all ages and love every minute of it. This show was in part inspired by a group of children we worked with a few years ago. Here is a little sample of things to come.

Our Plan

I will keep you up to date. In fact the book is written. It needs editing, illustrations and to be published.



All backers will receive a reward. The rewards start with a digital copy of the book, to signed 1st editions. I will not be able to finish this dream of mine without any of you. I honestly cannot believe I am already this far. Thank you in advance, even for stopping by to look.

Risk and Challenges 


My challenges are that I don't have the money it will take to finish this book. To pay for the illustrations, and publish it properly. I have faith it will sell. I just have to see it through.

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