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Collaboration/Promotion Agreement




























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This Collaboration/Promotion Agreement (the “Agreement”) is made effective on:








(Referred to as the “The Influencer”)




(Company, Name)




(Referred to as the “The Client”)



Both parties desire to collaborate on social media.


The promotion described below, which was concluded with the consent and cooperation and for a fee to the Influencer, can be used by [company name] and the Influencer by mutual consent in the manner indicated below.


“The Influencer” further promises and agrees:


A.         to protect and safeguard the Proprietary Information against unauthorized use,   publication or disclosure;

B.         not to use any of the Proprietary Information except for the Promotion Purposes;

C.         not to, directly or indirectly, in any way, reveal, report, publish, disclose, transfer or         otherwise use any of the Proprietary Information except as specifically authorized by            “The Client” in accordance with this Agreement;












Company name | Adress, The Netherlands,

+31 (0)72-12345678 – -


The Promotion: (customise to any wish, some examples below)


  • Publish at least 3 posts a week wearing a product name

  • Publish at least one (45 sec/ 1 minute) video where you review your favorite product

  • Every post must show full product and color

  • Start every description with a positive review

  • Write the full name and exact color of the product in every description

  • Tag @Instagram in the actual posts

  • Tag @Instagram in the description of the posts

  • The hashtag you include for all posts are: #Instagram #marketing

  • Refer to in the end of every description to shop for products

  • Include one blog article of at least 280 words with a link to (if the Influencer has a blog site)


Please note: before posting any material please send it to “The Client” for a quality review.


Receiving products to promote:

After signing the contract you will receive:

  • [product]

  • [product]


Commission agreement:

Promote your custom discount code [CODENAME] and receive a 10-15% commission in cash from every purchase that a customer made with that code. 


Promotion period:

This collaboration/promotion starts on [time and date] and will end on [time and date].

Every post must remain online for [period of days, weeks, years, for always].



“The Client” has the right to terminate the collaboration if  “The Influencer” does not comply with the “agreement”. Failure to adhere to contract can result in retail value payment of each product.


Financial agreement:

“The Influencer” informs “The Client” when the promotion is fully completed as agreed upon. “The Client” will then review the promotion. If the promotion is fully completed there will follow a direct deposit of [amount] with [paymeny method] to the bankaccount of: [ name influencer/bank details]






Company name | Adress, The Netherlands,

+31 (0)72-12345678 – -








On behalf of “The Influencer”:                          On behalf of “The Client”:


(Influencer name)                                             (Company name)





SIGNATURE                                                                SIGNATURE


Name:                                                              Name:                                     

Position:                                                           Position:          


Date:                                                                            Date:               









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Company name | Adress, The Netherlands,

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