Frequently asked questions

What is is an All In One Israelite Social Platform, What that means is we delevlop and provide platforms for the betterment of our people. Our goal is to be the Digital Set-Apart home for Israelites everywhere. We have our own version of Popluar platforms commonly used, but they are based in the Truth. Example: Some platforms are known to descriminate against and/or censor those who speak the Truth. So we created our own version. One platform might be used a lot, but the wealth generated from its use doesn't benefit Israelites. So we created our own version

How much does it cost?

There are a few plans to choose from all have no contracts and you can canel anytime. During Beta these prices have been greatly reduced as a Thank you for helping support us. We can't build everything we need as a people alone

How do I cancel? is flexible. We have no contracts and no commitments. You can easily cancel your account at anytime, with no cancellation fees-start or stop your account anytime. Just send us an email at to cancel your service. Honestly we would hate to see anyone cancel as your support not only help us grow but helps us provide our nation with important resources and tools.

Who are you affiliated with? is not affilated with any Isarelite group. Any Israelite schools/orginazations that use this site are not affialted with any other groups that may use this site as well. is a borderless Digital safe space for all Israelites, a space no different then any other social platform (expect we are Truth based) So enjoy with no worries, no persecution, and freedom from our oppressors!

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